Full/Interim Service

Are you experiencing:

  1. A loss of power/performance?
  2. Increased fuel consumption?
  3. Both?

We at N.E.W.S 24 - 7 believe regular servicing is some of the closest forms of TLC we can give our vehicles. As Diane de Voghel of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) has said before “A regular service is needed to take care of the car and the wear and tear of its parts and fluids.”

We believe that a healthy vehicle not only tends to be a more affordable vehicle but it can also be a reliable one. As Voghel has said “An unserviced vehicle is likely to have a shorter life expectancy and higher fuel costs, whilst potentially being more unsafe.”

Whether it’s a simple oil change or a full service we can cater to your needs.

Call us for a no obligation price on 07961856885.